Financial Information

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Regular financial support received from the churches of the World Baptist Fellowship and faithful alumni enables Arlington Baptist College to provide quality education at the lowest possible cost to students. Parents and students can meet the cost of education by careful planning and preparation.

Financial Aid Information


Application Fee$ 15.00
Dormitory Reservation Fee$ 25.00
Tuition Per Credit Hour$ 145.00
Registration Fee$ 250.00
Private Music Lessons$ 80.00
Make Up Test$ 30.00
Returned Check$ 20.00
Schedule Change$ 30.00
Transcript$ 5.00
Graduation Fee$ 190.00
Room and Board*(Each Fall and Spring)$ 1,800.00
Room and Board*(Summer School Only)$ 1,000.00
Lost Key Deposit$ 20.00
Student Activity Fee Per Semester$ 20.00

Students may purchase individual meals at a nominal cost in the College cafeteria.

The APPLICATION FEE is payable at the time of application and is non-refundable.

The DORMITORY RESERVATION FEE is payable by residence hall students at the time of application. The fee is refundable if the application for enrollment is not accepted and the student is not admitted. Once the student is admitted, this fee is non-refundable.

The REGISTRATION FEE is payable each semester at the time of enrollment and is non-refundable.

The PRIVATE MUSIC LESSON FEE is payable each semester at the time of enrollment and is non-refundable. The fee covers sixteen one-half hour private music lessons in piano or voice.

The MAKE-UP TEST FEE will be assessed for tests that are administered after the regularly scheduled time of the announced test date. The fee is non-refundable.

The RETURNED CHECK FEE will be payable for each check returned without payment. The fee is non-refundable.

The SCHEDULE CHANGE FEE will be charged for course changes initiated by the student after the scheduled registration period. The fee is non-refundable.

The schedule of semester charges reflects amounts approved by the Board of Directors at the time this catalog went to press. THE COLLEGE RESERVES THE RIGHT TO CHANGE FEES AS NECESSARY.


Tuition (15 Credit Hours)$2,175.00
Registration$   250.00
Books and Supplies$   375.00
Cost for Off-Campus Students$2,800.00
Room and Board$1,800.00
Cost for On-Campus Students$4,600.00

NOTE: Transportation, insurance, personal church giving, and other expenditures should be carefully calculated and added to the above estimated costs.

All charges are due and payable at the time of registration. The College will accept cash, check, money order, MasterCard, Visa, or Discover for payment of account. All accounts must be paid in full before a student can receive grade reports, copies of official transcripts, register for the next semester, graduate, or participate in commencement exercises. Students must remain current with payments to enjoy the privileges of attending class and the use of College facilities.

PLAN A: The student must pay one-third (1/3) of the semester charges at the time of enrollment, one-third (1/3) in thirty days from the date of enrollment, and one-third (1/3) in sixty days from the date of enrollment. Late payments will incur a one and a half (1 1/2) percent per month late charge. Application for this plan may be obtained through the College Business Office.

PLAN B: The College makes a monthly payment plan available through the Academic Management Services, which charges a nominal fee for their service. This plan has the advantages of a ten month payment cycle and a term life insurance policy. Application for this plan may be obtained through the College Business Office.

The College strongly recommends that the student make advance preparations for financial aid prior to initiation of the registration process. Financial assistance is available in the form of Pell Grants, Stafford Loans, Student Supplemental Loans, or Parents PLUS Loans. Contact the College Business Office for details and counseling on the various options.

No adjustments for loans, scholarships, grants, or other assistance will be made until the College actually receives those funds. College sponsored aid will be deducted at the end of the semester in which the aid is earned.

Students who officially withdraw through the Registrar’s Office will receive refunds of their charges according to the following schedule:


Second through third week50%
Fourth Week25%
After Four WeeksNo Refund


Within First Week50%
After First WeekNo Refund

Dormitory rent is non-refundable and will not be pro-rated.

No refunds will be made to students who do not file a departure permit with the Registrar’s Office. Students participating in the government assistance programs will not receive refunds until their accounts are settled and funds designated for educational purposes have been refunded to the appropriate agency.


Arlington Baptist College maintains a financial aid program for students who need additional funds to pay for their college education. It is the desire of the College administrators that no student be denied an education because of a lack of funds.

A student may establish eligibility for financial assistance by meeting the following established criteria.

1. Demonstrate a need for financial assistance determined by the following formula:
Cost of Education.
Minus amount paid by the student.
Minus amount paid by the student’s parents.
Minus amount paid from other sources.
Equals amount of financial assistance needed.

2. A formal disclosure of personal finances and parents’ personal finances is required to qualify a student for assistance. The College will apply all eligible governmental funding as a direct payment to discharge the student’s financial obligation to the College. Any College provided assistance the student qualifies for will be applied next and the two together shall not exceed total charges incurred. Funding from other sources will be applied only when received.

3. The student must maintain satisfactory progress in the academic program with an overall 2.0 grade point average (GPA).

4. The student must enroll for at least a half-time course of study (6 credit hours). Some programs require full-time enrollment.

5. The student cannot be in default on any loan made from a student loan fund or a government loan program.

6. The student cannot owe a refund on grants paid under a government grant program.

7. The student cannot be in default on payments to another college or university.

8. Transfer students must furnish a financial aid transcript from previous schools.


Unless otherwise indicated below, direct all inquiries for financial assistance to the College Business Office, Financial Aid Officer. The Business Office has applications for all College sponsored programs and for most government programs. Some states may make other assistance available. Inquire in a high school counselor’s office.
Allow the financial aid program to work for you. A broad range of counseling services for financial assistance is available.

WAYNE MARTIN CITIZENSHIP AWARD. A cash award is made to two outstanding students in the graduating class on the basis of conduct, attitude, character, manners, participation in campus activities, and local church ministry. Upon instructions by the sponsor, selections are made by the faculty.

WAYNE MARTIN HONOR GRADUATE AWARD. A cash award is made to the Valedictorian and the Salutatorian of the graduating class. All academic work must by completed by the end of the Spring semester.

PREACHING AWARD. A cash award is made to three outstanding preachers as determined by faculty selection during a spring preaching contest.

GEORGE NORRIS AWARD IN THEOLOGY. An award is made to an outstanding student enrolled in theology courses. Selection is made by the Bible and Theology Department faculty.

GREEK AWARD. An award is made to a student who has excelled in the study of Greek. The selection is made by the Greek professor.

CHANCELLOR’S AWARD. A cash award is made to a graduating senior male in honor of Dr. Earl K. Oldham’s faithful and sacrificial support of the Athletic Program at ABC. The criterion for the award includes academics, citizenship, leadership, and athletic contribution. The recipient is selected by the athletic department.

LOCAL CHURCH SCHOLARSHIPS. Churches of the World Baptist Fellowship may supply scholarships. Eligibility and amounts are determined by the church. Students should inquire at a church for information.

CHRISTIAN SCHOOL GRADUATE SCHOLARSHIP. A $50 scholarship is awarded to all enrolled students who are qualified graduates of Christian schools. The scholarship is awarded each semester, up to a maximum of eight semesters (total scholarship $400.00). A copy of the student’s high school transcript must be on file in the Business Office.

VALEDICTORIAN/SALUTATORIAN SCHOLARSHIP. A $100 scholarship is awarded to an enrolled student who has attained the distinction as the valedictorian or salutatorian of the student’s high school graduating class. The scholarship is awarded each semester, up to a maximum of eight semesters (total scholarship $800.00). The student’s high school must certify the student’s eligibility by letter to the College Business Office.

MARRIED COUPLE GRANT. The spouse of a student enrolled and charged for a regular program of study may be eligible for a College sponsored tuition grant based on financial need. Any student who marries while currently enrolled must be in compliance with the College’s marriage policy, as explained in the “Student Handbook,” and must meet certain other criteria for eligibility. The application and instructions for this grant may be obtained in the Business Office.

FULL-TIME CHRISTIAN WORKERS GRANT. A grant of $250 per semester, up to a maximum of eight semesters (total grant $2000), will be made to dependent students whose parents are in full-time church related ministries such as pastor, associate pastor, choir director, youth minister, secretary, evangelist, missionary, or other church related ministry.

STEVE FLOURNOY MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP. A scholarship grant is made available to a student who meets eligibility requirements established by the awarding church. Applications for this scholarship may be obtained in the Registrar’s office.


M. V. DAVIS/HOMER HESS SCHOLARSHIP. These scholarships are available to the surviving dependent children of active World Baptist Fellowship missionaries and pastors who die while in active service.

EARL K. OLDHAM AWARD. A cash award is made to a sophomore each semester who meets established criteria which includes academic performance as well as demonstrated Christian character. The recipient is selected by a committee which includes Mrs. Louise Oldham.

BOOKER – WHITE AWARD. A cash award is made to two students who have demonstrated genuine commitment toward evangelizing children. This award is in honor of two ladies who have given, collectively, more than 100 years to teaching children. Selection is made by the Education Department.

NORTH CENTRAL TEXAS BAPTIST FELLOWSHIP AWARD. The NCTBF award is provided by cooperating churches in the North Central Texas area for the purpose of helping a worthy ministerial student achieve the goal of a Christian education.

WORLD BAPTIST YOUTH CONFERENCE SCHOLARSHIPS. The College provides scholarships to the first place contestants in the various categories of competition of the annual World Baptist Youth Conference that is held on campus in the summer of each year.

TRAVEL GROUP SCHOLARSHIPS. A limited number of scholarships are provided to the members selected to participate in a musical travel group that represents the College in the churches of the World Baptist Fellowship.

OLIVE TREE MINISTRY SCHOLARSHIP. A cash award is given to a Junior or Senior level student who is either a pastoral or missions major and who meets the eligibility requirements.  This scholarship is given for the purpose of encouraging Jewish evangelism among future pastors and missionaries.

BILL AND MARY HONEA MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP.  A cash award is provided by the children of Bill and Mary Honea for a deserving Sophomore, Junior, or Senior level student who is preparing for the ministry and meets eligibility requirements.

LIGHTHOUSE SCHOLARSHIP.  This scholarship is awarded to a female student who has completed at least 30 semester hours at Arlington Baptist College, and who meets the eligibility requirements.  It is given in honor of two Godly mothers of instructors at ABC.  The scholarship is applied to the recipient’s account in the fall semester following the award.


STAFFORD LOANS/PLUS LOANS/SLS LOANS. Students or parents may borrow funds for educational purposes from a participating lending institution. The government acts as guarantor to the loan; therefore, the student or parent needs no collateral. Interest is low and repayment depends on the type of loan.

PELL GRANT. This is a grant by the federal government to qualified students who demonstrate a financial need based on specific criteria.

VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION. Students with disabilities may qualify for assistance from the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation. Contact the State Department of Education.

VETERAN’S ASSISTANCE. Veterans or their dependents may be eligible under one of the assistance programs currently available. Contact the Veterans Assistance Officer in the Registrar’s Office.