Academic Information

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Arlington Baptist College emphasizes a thorough preparation in the Bible for all its students. Every program is built around a Bible major. This Biblical curriculum is the equally shared experience of all students at the College.

Not all students have the same calling, however. The academic programs described on the following pages take this diversity into account. Each program provides the training necessary for some aspect of church related ministries.

Degree ProgramsCourses/Curriculum

The following programs lead to a Bachelor of Science degree:Bible and Education
Bible – General Studies
Bible – Missions
Bible and Music Education
Bible and Music Ministry
Bible – Pastoral Ministry
Bible – Youth Ministries
Bible – General Studies by ExtensionOne program leads to the Bachelor of Arts Degree:

Bible – Biblical Languages (Pre-seminary program)

**Students electing the Education or Music programs will complete two majors.

Academic Calendar

Course Descriptions:Dept. of the Bible Dept. of Church Ministries Dept. of Education Dept. of Music General Education Distance Education Courses are identified by a departmental prefix and a four digit sequence number. The first digit indicates the level of the course:1000 Freshman Rank 2000 Sophomore Rank 3000 Junior Rank 4000 Senior Rank. The second digit indicates the number of credits designated for each course. The final two digits indicate the sequence of the course in the respective department.


Students who desire only a limited training in Bible might consider the Bible Certificate program of 32 credit hours. This program is beneficial to Sunday School teachers, bus workers, and other church workers who are not considering a full-time Christian ministry. A full description of the Bible Certificate requirements is available from the Registrar’s Office.


Students who are unable to meet the academic requirements for enrollment in a degree program will be directed toward the non-credit diploma program. This program requires 92 hours of work, which will be applicable only to the non-credit diploma.